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Will ChatGPT kill Blogging?

ChatGPT has created a huge buzz among bloggers, and many of us are afraid that ChatGPT will replace blogging, and these bloggers won’t be of any use now. Though Chatgpt is highly intelligent and user-friendly, can it still really kill blogging? What are the chances of ending someone’s blogging career?

People are constantly threatened that AI will sooner or later replace them, and they will turn jobless, but this is not true. AI is a thing which should be welcomed by us and used responsibly for the betterment of our future. Two days ago, one of my blogger friends asked me if Chatgpt would kill our blogging career. What do we do now? And here I got the idea to educate everyone regarding it.

Here are some bold words from my side: ChatGPT can never kill blogging. Yes, Chatgpt will disrupt old-school blogging techniques, but people will still never fully rely on AI for their questions. Here is why!

Why ChatGPT can’t kill blogging?

Chatgpt is an AI which gives plain answers to all questions asked to it without giving its perspective. People need your review, Humans are not designed to trust anything easily, and that’s why we seek multiple responses to a question from other people’s views; this is not something Chatgpt can give us. It is unlikely to replace human creativity and critical thinking.

Yes, It will replace bloggers in certain areas which need data-driven content, such as infographic building, chart making etc. It will replace bloggers, where people search for files/certain product descriptions/mathematical calculations and so on.

Chatgpt vs blogging

Comparison between ChatGPT and Human Blogger

Here is a table which compares the strengths and weaknesses of Human and Chatgpt in terms of Blogging. It is solely based on my personal view. Others’ views can be different.

Criteria ChatGPT Human Blogger
Time-saving Can generate content quickly and efficiently. Writing original content can be time-consuming.
Accuracy Can generate accurate and informative content. May make mistakes or overlook details.
Originality Content may lack originality and creativity. Can produce unique and creative content.
Depth May struggle with generating in-depth, high-quality content on complex topics. Can provide in-depth analysis and insights.
Personality Cannot convey personality or emotions in the same way a human writer can. Can inject personality and emotions into the content.
Consistency Can help maintain a consistent voice and tone throughout the content. May struggle to maintain consistency over time.
Adaptability Can generate content on a wide range of topics and in multiple formats. May not have expertise in all topics.
Critical thinking May struggle with critical thinking and analysis. Can provide in-depth analysis and insights.


The comparison draws for a 4-4, and no one is the winner. But I might need to include some important aspects in this comparison. Please comment below if you know one.

Effects of ChatGPT on Blogging

Chatgpt is already impacting blogging and will continue to do it. We have to adapt it rather than conquer it till we become obsolete. It can ease our content creation job and reduce the burden of many things, so here are the pros and cons of chatgpt for blogging.


Chatgpt is an amazing tool for bloggers; it completes time-consuming tasks in a short period which helps bloggers to focus more on their content. Here are some of the Pros:

  • Helpful in Data Accumulation: Chatgpt helps bloggers in gathering data which is required for writing content, e.g. charts, graphs, tables, product descriptions etc.
  • Generate Ideas: It helps bloggers generate ideas for new content and outlines for blog posts which helps content creators who suffer from writer’s block.
  • Time Saver: It helps bloggers write basic content that a blogger can review and edit to make an awesome blog post in less time.


Here are some of the de-merits of Chatgpt on blogging.

  • Competition: I never refused that Chatgpt is a competitor to bloggers. It will surely impact the revenues of bloggers as a considerable chunk of users will directly head to chatgpt for their answers instead of reading blog posts.
  • Inaccuracy: One thing I have noticed about Chatgpt is it is highly inaccurate and can give inaccurate data sometimes. If you are using data provided by Chatgpt, please cross-check it before adding it to your blog post.
  • Lack of Originality: Never think of copy-pasting the response given by Chatgpt in your blog post. The content generated by Chatgpt is scraped from the Internet, and it is unoriginal. You can use it to have an idea for writing content but never copy it on your website.


Chatgpt is nothing to be afraid of; it is the start of the development of AI in the world. We have to adapt it as soon as possible for our profit. It is a great tool to use as a helping hand in content creation and other tasks to improve the content for our users.

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