Why ChatGPT needs Phone Number Verification

Why ChatGPT needs Phone Number Verification? 3 Reasons

Using Chatgpt requires registration on openai.com, and during registration, we are asked to provide our phone/mobile number for verification. You would be wondering why ChatGPT needs a Phone number for verification. Is it necessary? Are there any privacy concerns?

The reasons are the same as other websites which require phone verification. Let’s learn about them in detail.

Reasons Why ChatGPT asks for Phone number verification

Here are the 3 reasons phone verification is mandatory for signing up on OpenAI.

To prevent spam & abuse

We all know that ChatGPT is free to use right now, but this is not all offered by Open AI. OpenAI is much more than ChatGPT alone.

You can use its API service to generate excellent articles, write codes, and more. On signing up at OpenAI, Every account gets free API credits worth 5$. You can use it to try their service for your business.

If phone number verification is not there, people will start abusing their free trial account by making more and more of it. That’s the most crucial reason for OpenAI to have phone verification.

You can sign up at most 2 accounts from a single phone number, and out of those two, you will get credits only in the first account. OpenAI takes these steps to reduce spam & abuse.

To enhance security

Phone number acts as a two-step verification when needed. If you forget your password, you can use it for password recovery and to secure your account from getting hacked.


OpenAI can also use your phone number to determine your country to give a personalized experience. As of now, it still needs to be fact-checked, and we will provide an update on it soon.

How to verify your phone number on OpenAI/CHATGPT

To verify the phone number, User will need a physical sim card with an incoming facility. Landlines, VOIP providers & Google voice are not allowed for verification.

  1. To verify your account, you will see a number box that asks for your mobile number after signing up with your email.
  2. Choose your country and enter your mobile number. After entering it, Click on the send code button.
  3. Enter the OTP you get on your smartphone, and that’s it. Your account will be created successfully.

You can only enter text verification. OTP via call or email is not available on OpenAI right now. If you use WhatsApp on the same number, you can get the OTP on your WhatsApp account for verification.

Privacy Concerns

I know you would have privacy concerns, and I had it, too, till I checked their website for their privacy policy.

Chatgpt's statement on phone verification

OpenAI has clearly stated:

We don’t use your phone number for other purposes, and we take your privacy very seriously.

The data is stored to avoid exploitation of their services so that everyone can use it. It also helps avoid overload on the servers of ChatGPT by restricting spammers and keeping ChatGPT in working condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Phone number verification necessary for Chatgpt?

Yes, You have to verify your phone number to use Chatgpt.

Can I use same phone numbers in more than 1 accounts?

You can use 1 phone number in maximum two accounts. You will get API credits in the first account only.

How can I use Chatgpt without Phone verification?

You can use alternate ways to verify phone numbers by using free or paid otp websites which provide OTP for verification on almost all apps or websites on Internet.


OpenAI uses phone verification to avoid freeloaders who just open multiple accounts to exploit the free trial credits given by them. Your data is secure and not sent anywhere else except the servers of OpenAI.


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