Why ChatGPT is not Working

Why is ChatGPT not working? & How to fix it!

ChatGpt is the stepping stone for the development of AI in the world. It is a software made by OPEN AI which helps people do small tasks and answer questions regarding almost anything in seconds. It has gained massive popularity in a short span, with millions of users worldwide.

Many people even think about it as a replacement for Google Inc., which shows its popularity. But it has some drawbacks which are yet to be corrected and needs more time. One of them is downtime. Chatgpt goes down every now and then, making it irritating to use most of the time. The reason is many, and most of them are fixable.

Reasons for ChatGPT not working

Multiple reasons hinder the working of ChatGPT or make it unresponsive. The most common cause is Server Overload due to the limit placed on the servers of Open AI.

Server Overload

If the number of requests to Chatgpt exceeds its capacity to handle them, the server becomes overloaded. If the server overloads, New requests to Chatgpt will not be answered.

Technical Error

Technical Error

Technical Errors such as Bugs or Brute force attacks on the servers of ChatGPT can make it unresponsive.

The servers of ChatGPT are well managed and can easily handle any such issue, so there is a rare possibility of ChatGPT not working due to any technical errors.

Human Errors

This is also a common issue due to which chatgpt might not be working for you. It usually happens when you type the link to the website wrong.

You must double-check the website address to confirm that you are on the right page.

Internet Connectivity Error

Internet Connectivity Issues

Due to Slow internet Connectivity, the working of ChatGPT is affected and can cause it to be unresponsive. Please check if you have a valid data pack and a working internet connection before accessing the ChatGPT servers.

Why ChatGPT keeps going down?

In a short period, ChatGPT has acquired a large user base which causes millions of user requests per second around the globe. It causes a Server Overload issue, and when it happens, ChatGPT shows an alert to people who want to access it after a certain amount of users.

The alert says that ChatGPT is at capacity; please come back later. It is a common issue; if you are experiencing it, you should try accessing it after some time.

How to Fix ChatGPT Timeout Error

Recently while testing ChatGPT, I got an error which you can see in the below screenshot:

Chatgpt Time out Error

The error shows A timeout occured and Chatgpt stopped working. Sometimes, instead of showing this error, You will see a blank screen on opening ChatGPT. You can also face this error overtime and let me tell you what i found about this error on research.

The timeout error occurs when the servers of Chatgpt stops responding. It can happen due to any Cyber attack or too much load on the servers. It can also happen during periodic maintenance.

Can I fix the Timeout error?

Unfortunately, The timeout error fixes on its own with time. I tried every possible solution to fix it but all in vain. So, The best you can do is relax and wait till the website is up again.

Fixes for ChatGPT for not working issue

Fix #1: Toggle Internet Connection

The first step towards fixing ChatGPT’s not working issue should be checking your internet connection. Most of the time, Our internet connection is responsible for an unresponsive webpage.

You can check if your internet connection is working by simply doing a Google search, and if it is working then you can move on to fix number 2.

Fix #2: Refresh the Page

If you are getting an error like the one shown below:

chatgpt error showing "an error occured"

It occurs mainly when you try to use ChatGPT in an old window, and it cannot reach its servers. Just refresh the window, and it should start working.

Fix #3: Turn off the VPN

ChatGPT gives an “access denied” error when you try to access it via vpn connected to an unsupported country. Thus, if you get an error like the one below, try turning off your VPN.

Screenshot showing access denied error for chatgpt


Fix #4: Check the website URL

Please check if your website url is correct as many of us enter the url with some mistakes which can result in an error showing the website is not working.

chatgpt site cant be reached error

Here you can see I mistakenly entered chat.opennai.com instead of the correct url, that is, chat.openai.com, and due to this, I am facing the “The site can’t be reached” error. Please check if you are also making some grammatical errors or not.

Fix #5: Wait, Wait, Wait…..

Due to server overload, ChatGPT can show errors like the one below:

Chatgpt is at capacity right now error

It occurs when more than 1 Million users are online and accessing ChatGPT at once. There are some quick fixes if you want to access Chatgpt urgently.

  1. Reopen the browsing window
  2. Access ChatGPT via VPN
  3. Go to OpenAI.com and visit ChatGPT from there, as it would open the ChatGPT with pre-login.
  4. Click on the “Get notified when we’re back” and click on the link on top, which will send you to the login page. This hack works most of the time when ChatGPT is at capacity.
  5. Use ChatGPT during the night in the EST time zone. Most of the load is during the daytime, which overloads the servers and results in this error. Fewer users are there at night, making it better to work.

How to access ChatGPT

To access ChatGPT, You can go to the direct url of the website:

Access ChatGPT

If you are still not able to access it then follow our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent errors shown when ChatGPT stops working and their Fixes.

ChatGPT is showing Too many requests in 1-hour error.

It usually happens when many requests are made in 1 hour. You have to relax and return after 10-15 minutes, and the ChatGPT should usually start working.

ChatGPT showing Network Error

It shows when you are trying to generate a code from ChatGPT. It shows network error if the code in the answer is longer than 1500 characters.

ChatGPT stops while answering.

When the answer is too long, ChatGPT stops after a certain length of sentences. Give the prompt “Continue,” and it will start the answer from where it left off.

ChatGPT showing At capacity… error.

It happens when Too many people are using it at a moment. Come back later when the server load decreases.

ChatGPT showing An error occurred…

Refresh the page, and it will start working fine. You can also press F5 + Shift to refresh it.

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