how to USE chatgpt to make a HTML webpage

How to Use ChatGpt to generate HTML Webpage

Chat GPT works like wonder if you want it to generate html codes and make website with the help of it. You have to know some basic prompts to command Chat Gpt to write html code for you. Yes you don’t need a web developer for small web development tasks if you are good at prompts and have some experience with ChatGPT.

Here I will teach you how to make a HTML website with the help of Chatgpt. Let’s start with a basic html code.

Make the Base Code of HTML using Chatgpt

By base code, I mean the basic framework of a html website. You have to give the following prompt to Chatgpt for generating the basic framework for HTML.

Write the basic framework code for HTML

Here is the result of what ChatGPT gave to me when I entered this prompt.

result of basic html prompt by chatgpt

Add StyleSheets/CSS in the HTML website

If you want chatgpt to add CSS files in your website then you can ask for it by the following prompt.

Add CSS in the HTML code from Bootstrap

By entering this, the bootstrap code will be added to your HTML Website to make it look better.

Css added to basic framework by Chatgpt

Add Header & Footers to your Website

You would like to have a header where a navigation bar should be present with basic things such as your title and other important pages.

Add Header in the HTML code in which Header will have a Navigation bar with a logo on the left side & other pages on the right side. The navbar should be mobile responsive.

Here is the Result:

navigation bar made by help of chatgpt

For adding footer to your website, Write prompt shown below:

Add a responsive footer which will have copyright details and links to the homepage.

To make the complete web page just enter the following prompt and you will get a clean html webpage with basic CSS and JS.

Write a HTML code to make a mobile friendly responsive webpage with header and footers using bootstrap css and js. The Header & Footer should be black in color with required important pages.

Here is the Result:

HTML Webpage made by Chatgpt

ChatGPT is all about prompts; The more on point the prompt is, the better is the result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Chatgpt write Html code?

Yes, Chatgpt can easily write html code. Just give it the prompt to write the output in html form and it will give the output in html

Is Chatgpt capable of making full webpages?

Yes, Chatgpt can generate full webpages based on your prompt

Which programming languages Chatgpt supports?

Chatgpt supports almost all programming languages such as HTML, PHP, JS, Java, Python etc.

Can Chatgpt solve bugs in my code?

Chatgpt has the capability to find and fix bugs in your code. Just send the code and ask it to check why the code is not working and the error you are getting. It will point out the problems in your code and help you to fix it.

Can I use Chatgpt to make complex webpages?

I have made many webpages using Chatgpt and it works very good but to make complex pages it requires more data about your requirement. If you have little knowledge of programming languages then you can use it to output complex webpages as well.

Wrapping Up

Web development by Chatgpt works like a breeze. I am using it from a very long time to fix small bugs and issues with my code and also to write some simple codes and it works 90% of the time. Earlier I had to pay a nice amount of money to developers for even a small fix in the code but now Chatgpt helps me with it.

Sometimes, It can be frustrating if you don’t get your desired output but at last it is just an AI in it’s child form. Don’t expect it to develop large android games or applications for you but if you want to develop smaller pages then it is a lifesaver. Thankyou

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