CHATGPT Character Limit & How to increase it

ChatGPT Character Limit: How to increase it?

If you’ve ever used ChatGPT, you may have noticed that there is a character limit when interacting with the AI language model. This Chatgpt character limit is important to consider as it can alter the response as most of the time if we try to question it again, it starts the output from the beginning.

This becomes frustrating when we need a longer output from Chatgpt, but we only get half of it due to the limit. However, there are tricks to increase this character limit and use Chatgpt features to their fullest.

What is ChatGPT Character limit?

Suppose you are asking ChatGPT for a response longer than a certain limit; then, ChatGPT stops giving the output. Here is an example:

I asked ChatGPT to write 500 words starting with alphabet A.

Here is the output given by Chatgpt for this question:

Prompt to write 500 words starting with A

As you can see, Chatgpt stopped giving output after 145 words in this response. But don’t worry. We have multiple solutions to it. 

Half response due to ChatGPT Character limit

There is no exact Character limit for the response; it is based on the complexity of the response. The higher the calculations chatgpt has to do, the lesser the character limit. It means if you are asking questions that need more data and calculations, such as while writing code, writing a response in a language other than English, or questions requiring a large dataset; The response will stop after giving an output of 100-200 words.

While if the prompt is very simple such as writing an essay or article, then the characters per response increase drastically, and you can get around 1000-1500 words in a single response.

Difference between Input & Output Character Limit

First, You need to understand the difference between ChatGPT Input & Output Character limit.

Input Limit

The input limit is the number of maximum characters allowed in the input box of Chatgpt. I tested it by entering characters in the input field, and 9 out of 10 times, it allowed around 16000 characters.

Output Limit

As already told, The output limit varies as per the complexity of the prompt given by the user. I tried many times to find out the maximum character limit, which was 4000 characters.

How to Increase the Chatgpt Character limit?

Till now you would have got your answer for this already. The easier and simpler your response, The more characters will be in the output. Here are some other tricks to help you with the limit.

Breakdown Your Questions

Breaking down your question won’t increase the character limit, but it will help you avoid half responses from ChatGPT. Suppose you need an article on What is Chatgpt then you can break it down as:

  1. Write an introduction for What is Chatgpt
  2. Write the importance of Chatgpt
  3. Write about how to signup on to Chatgpt
  4. What are the features of Chatgpt
  5. Write FAQs for What is Chatgpt
  6. Write a Conclusion for What ChatGPT is

By doing this, You can easily avoid hitting the Chatgpt character limit and the frustration that comes with it.


If Chatgpt is stuck after giving half a response, as You saw in my prompt of “Write 500 words starting with A” Then you can simply type Continue, and it will start the response from where it left off. Here is the screenshot for your understanding.

Response continued

Use English Language

ChatGPT server loads increase when a response is generated in a language other than English, and it hits the Character limit sooner. Using the English language in the prompt would be best to avoid this issue and get longer responses.

Use Clear Language

Clear language is very necessary to get a better response from ChatGPT. If the prompt is clear and easy to understand, then Chatgpt interprets it faster, understands the user’s intent, and gives a longer response.

I also found a Reddit user using a trick to avoid incomplete responses. Here is the response he is using:

If your response is longer than 3500 Characters, prepare to give me multiple responses for “KEYWORD.”

But this prompt only works for responses which are having code in them. We tried this prompt, and it works 50% of the time.


The ChatGPT character limit is an important factor to consider when interacting with the AI language model. You get longer responses and don’t hit the Character limit by keeping your messages concise, using clear language, and other tricks given. If you still need help regarding the Character limit, let us know in the comment box.

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