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20 Best ChatGPT Prompts for SEO and Content Writing

Are you looking to write articles or blog posts using Chatgpt to earn money? If so, then this article is for you. Writing blog posts directly using Chatgpt can be a bad idea, and You will run into problems like lesser user engagement, a dip in Google search rankings, and many more. This is because articles written by Chatgpt are AI-generated and plain, and users don’t enjoy reading them. Also, ChatGPT can give some errors in the articles, which are easily overlooked if you are directly dependent on it.

If this is the case, then what should we do? See, Directly writing articles using ChatGPT is a terrible idea but if you still want to do it, then you can use this prompt:

Write an Article for "Keyword" in 1500 words with First Person Perspective. Make it engaging and interesting. Use tables and charts if needed.

This is one of the best ChatGPT prompts to get an Article for your blog directly, but as I already told you, it could be risky and lead to de-ranking your website. But don’t worry; I will give you some excellent prompts that can be used for SEO and Content Writing. If you are following this 20 prompt guide, I assure you that at the end, you will have a 100% unique article with 0 Plagiarism and the best user experience.

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Content Writing

Here I will tell you my excellent secret prompts, which I use to do On-Page SEO, and for proof, this post also uses those prompts, and if you are here reading this post, then these prompts are working as hell.

1. ChatGPT prompt for Keyword Research

To rank on the search engine, We have to figure out the best keywords to write an article which is having little competition and in which we can provide some value.

Here is the prompt I gave to ChatGPT for a quick Keyword research on my niche.

Generate a list of 10 keyword ideas on the topic “KEYWORD" which people search for

Here is the output by ChatGPT for it:

Output for Keyword Research Prompt by ChatGPT

Now, Choose any one of these topics to write an article.

2. ChatGPT Prompt for Content Ideas

If you are not much creative and need ideas to write articles on your blog, then Chatgpt will help you with it.

Give me some Content Ideas for "Keyword"

By entering this you can get some ideas of what you can write based on a niche selected by you. I wished to write on ChatGPT for SEO and here is the output that I got:

Output for Chatgpt prompt to generate Content ideas

3. ChatGPT Prompt for Keyword Ideas

Now after you have chosen a topic from the content ideas, you need specific keywords which should be targeted in the article. This prompt is not for content writing but also SEO. Here is the prompt I use to get keywords that should be used in an article to rank on search engines.

Give me a list of Keywords which I should include in article with "KEYWORD" keyword

You don’t have to use all the keywords suggested by Chatgpt in your article. Use the keywords which you think are appropriate according to your needs.

4. ChatGPT Prompt to write a blog outline

Now, You have to write an outline for your blog, which includes the headings of your article.

Write a blog outline for "Keyword"

Again, you can use some of the headings suggested by ChatGPT. Just use the ones which you like.

5. ChatGPT Prompt for writing the Title of Article

The title is one of the most crucial parts of an article, as it is the part that pulls users to your blog from a search engine. It should be catchy and exciting as it increases the CTR for your blog and helps you rank higher on Search Engine.

Here is the prompt I use to generate a catchy and amazing title for my articles.

Write a catchy and interesting title on "Keyword" in active voice using numbers.

Here is the output for it:

Chatgpt prompt to write a title

6. ChatGPT Prompt to writing the Introduction

Many use this general prompt to write an introduction, but you should try it.

Write an interesting and engaging introduction for "Keyword"

7. ChatGPT Prompt to make a Table

People love tables and flowcharts, plain text is boring, and this is the only reason Chatgpt can’t replace Blogging any time soon. You should add tables and charts to your article for a better user experience. Here is the prompt to generate a table using Chatgpt:

Make a Table for "Keyword" in html form

I have created a table using this prompt; you can check it in the Pros and cons of Chatgpt section. I have added a command to make it in html form so you can directly paste it into your article by using html code option in the block editor or switching to text in the classic editor.

8. ChatGPT Prompt for Image Generation

Images are the heart of any article; they give life to your blog and engage users. You can even generate images with the help of Open AI. As we know, ChatGPT is a text-based language model, it can’t generate images, but you can use Dall-E for image generation.

Dall-E is an AI system developed by Open AI which generates images based on the prompt/description. It generates unique and realistic images by using DALL-E. Here is an example of an image made by Dall-E:

Image generated by DALL-E

You can generate any type of unique image based on your creativity by using it.

9. ChatGPT Prompt to write FAQs

FAQs are essential for ranking on search engines as they can rank in the people also ask section. You can even make a schema for it which will help you increase your CTR. Here is an example of how it looks in search engines:

FAQs in Schema

Ask yourself, will you click on a simple search result with a title and a link or something like this? That’s why writing FAQs are essential. Here is a prompt to write FAQs with help of ChatGPT

Write FAQs for "Keyword"

Using this prompt will generate all the frequently asked questions for your keyword. You can directly copy and paste it into your article or copy and answer the questions yourself.

10. ChatGPT Prompt to Write a Conclusion

At last, the Conclusion is a must for your loyal readers who were with you until the end of the article. The Conclusion should have some great take aways for those users. Here is the prompt I use to write a conclusion

Write a conclusion for "Keyword" with some key points.

11. ChatGPT Prompt to Write Article

Now, The last step and an essential prompt of ChatGPT for content writing. If you are unwilling to add this much effort to writing your article, you can use the following customized prompt to generate an article in one go.

Use this prompt to generate the outline of article:

Write an article for "Keyword". Make a proper outline of article with necessary headings with description for each one of them. Write a punchy & engaging title for it. Use active voice with first person perspective while generating the article. Add necessary sections such as FAQs, Tables, Examples, etc. Make the article engaging and interesting to read with highly readable language.

After this, ChatGPT will provide you with an outline of the article. Now, enter this prompt to generate full length article:

Write full article on it

I made this prompt. If you have any suggestions regarding it, please comment below.

Best Chatgpt prompts for SEO

After writing an article, the next step is to optimize it for better rankings on the search engine. Use the following prompts to improve your On-page Seo.

12. ChatGPT prompt for Meta Description

Use the following prompt to write a meta description for your article.

Write a meta description for an article with "Keyword" as Keyword.

13. ChatGPT for Interlinking

You can even use ChatGPT to learn about interlinking. Use this prompt to learn about interlinking ideas for blog.

Help me with internal linking ideas for a blog

14. ChatGPT prompt for Semantically Relevant Topics

Semantically relevant topics are essential to increase your topical authority. It gives you an edge over other blogs that are writing random posts about almost anything on their blogs. You can get relevant topics using chatgpt by this prompt:

Provide a list of semantically relevant topics relevant to "Keyword”

15. ChatGPT Prompt for Paraphrasing Content.

If you generate a single article with the help of ChatGPT, you would be amazed by its writing skills, but after generating a handful of content. It gives similar output every time. To make your article more interesting and engaging, use the following prompt, which paraphrases your article to make it unique.

Please paraphrase the following content: Article.

By doing this you will get best and unique articles everytime.

16. ChatGPT Prompt to Check Grammatical Mistakes

You can check and correct grammatical mistakes in your article by using ChatGPT. Here is the best ChatGPT prompt to correct grammatical mistakes in your article.

Check for grammatical mistakes and correct them for the following: Article

17. ChatGPT Prompt to Change passive voice to Active Voice

Articles in passive voice are boring and make users bounce back from your article. To change your article to active voice, use the following prompt.

Change the voice of article from passive to active: Article

Backlinks have been the main thing in SEO since the emergence of search engines. It still plays a crucial role in ranking your article. We have a prompt to give you some backlinking ideas for your blog.

Tell me some backlinking ideas for my blog

19. ChatGPT Prompt to check Word Count

Want to check how many words you have written? Send the article to Chatgpt and ask for the word count.

Tell me the word count for this article: Article

Here is the output for this prompt:

ChatGPT prompt for Word Count

20. ChatGPT Prompt to Re-write Articles

You can use this prompt to re-write your whole article to make it more engaging and interesting.

Re-write the article and make it more engaging & Interesting: Article

Pros & Cons of Using ChatGPT for SEO & Content Writing

Here are the pros and cons of using Chatgpt for seo and content writing. You may not worry about these cons if you use our 20-prompt guide to generate an article, as articles generated by these prompts are 100% unique & gives users the best experience.

ChatGPT can improve content creation efficiency and productivity.The quality of ChatGPT-generated content may not always match human-generated content.
ChatGPT can help with keyword research and optimization.ChatGPT-generated content may lack originality and creativity.
ChatGPT can aid in creating SEO-friendly content.There is a risk of potential ethical concerns, such as plagiarism and bias.
ChatGPT can personalize user experiences and improve engagement.ChatGPT-generated content may not always match the user’s intent or preferences.
ChatGPT can help with voice search optimization.ChatGPT models require large amounts of data and may be expensive to implement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQs for this article.

Is it ok to use ChatGPT for Content Writing?

Content writing is an art, and the artist should always be a human. You should never rely on AI for content writing. You can take its help to write content but don’t generate an article by simply by it and adding it to your website. It only provides value if it is well-researched.

Can ChatGPT makes backlinks for Me?

No, ChatGPT is not connected to the internet. It is just a text-based language model with a large amount of data used to answer your questions. You can’t use it to make backlinks.

Can I use ChatGPT for generating images?

You can’t use ChatGPT for Images, but you can use Dall-E for image generation. It requires a description of the image, which can be easily generated using ChatGpt.

How is ChatGPT different from other AI Article Writers?

Chatgpt is not different from other AI writing services. Most of those services use Open AI api. You have to use it with intelligence to write better articles with it.


How is ChatGPT different from other AI Article Writers? These are the best ChatGPT prompts to kickstart content writing and on-page SEO. If you follow all the steps in this guide, you will get an excellent article that can easily rank and provide value to its readers.

Here are some essential things to remember while using this guide for content writing & Seo.

  1. Never entirely rely on ChatGPT to generate your article.
  2. Try to provide value to your users; eventually, you will start getting searches worldwide.
  3. Try to add some infographics in your articles that are linked by others.
  4. Don’t use filler content in your articles to increase their length. Be on the point.
  5. Add as much rich media as possible. Don’t overdo it; Users love rich media along with content for better understanding.
  6. Always proofread your article once before publishing it.

So this is it for today. If you have any comments or suggestions, then don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us. Thankyou

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